The idea for the New Generals started back in 2008, when the couple Joen and Majbrit Weidemann dreamed of creating a sustainable brand for children that was designed based on the same creative visions they had for adult clothing.

New Generals t-shirt i økologisk bomuld


For a time, they drew on it, and it became a series of graphic animals, all of which represented part of the DNA that later became the New Generals. The animals, like the children who were to wear the clothes, were a visual expression of the future our children face. That it is the children who will set a new agenda for a greener world. The children were to be the new generals who took the lead and showed the way to a sustainable and healthier planet.

The new generals would in the future stand up and shout out and demand action and change. New Generals was finally launched in 2010, when the first collection landed in stores. The clothing was GOTS certified organic cotton, and it was the starting shot for a wide range of actions and attitudes that placed the New Generals among the first sustainable children's clothing brands in the world.

The first New Generals collection was i.a. sold in Illum and in Normann Copenhagen, which at the time was a multi-brand store that sold both clothes and furniture. The collection consisted of a number of basic styles such as underwear and t-shirts.

New Generals modeshow under Copenhagen Fashion Week i 2013


New Generals was founded by the couple Joen and Majbrit Weidemann who are both educated and have a long career in design and marketing. Here for the AW 2013 show in Copenhagen with their daughter Klara ..

In 2012, New Generals was named by The Ecologist as being among the top 5 best sustainable children's brands in the world.

“New Generals offers the kind of ultra-cool clothes that have made Copenhagen the place for seriously stylish design. New General's approach to children's clothing mixes comfort and style. long, slender necklines and narrow legs create a form-fitting silhouette, while the palette is kept to minimal (and easily washed) gray, black and white with occasional color splashes - great for every season. Each piece has whimsical details and the kids will love the printed insect themes; beautiful butterflies and large black beetles. new generals ’production process follows the global organic textile standards that ensure that the clothes are ethically produced. they even use packaging, hangtags and hangers made from recycled cardboard. ”

Lisa Stephens, The Ecologist, May 1, 2012

New Generals bæredygtigt børnetøj


With the SS 2013 collection, New Generals became the first Danish children's brand to sell in the exclusive department store Barneys in New York. At that time, New Generals was sold in more than 20 countries incl. USA, South Korea and Japan. Among the retailers were also, and La Rhinasente.


With New Generals SS2014 collection, we celebrated that there is a star in everyone.

The collection became the last in the first amazing journey for the New Generals. While the collection was being sent to the stores, we decided to take a break. We made some wrong decisions along the way, and ended up growing ourselves to death. Fortunately, we dreamed of returning, and in October 2020, New Generals was relaunched under 100% ownership by original founders Joen and Majbrit Weidemann.

New Generals hættetrøje i økologisk bomuld

New Generals returns

At the end of 2020, we returned to the market with a collection that contained the most unique icons from our previous collections. this time all our products are unisex and are designed in the field between sports and fashion with a focus on our products being able to be used every day and last a long time.